PSRM: The government abolished the municipal social assistance fund

According to the government's decision, the municipal social assistance fund was abolished, and its functions were transferred to the National Social Agency, reported municipal councilors from the faction of the Party of Socialists Eugenia Cheban and Silvia Grigorieva during a press conference.

According to them, a critical situation has arisen in the capital with the payment of material assistance to the vulnerable categories of citizens who sent several thousand petitions to the mayor's office.

The fact that, having stopped the activity of the municipal fund, the authorities did not elaborate the mechanism of the activity of the state fund is also alarming.

Eugenia Cheban demanded that the capital's social assistance department adopt regulations on providing assistance to residents of the municipality so that they do not suffer from the situation. Earlier, about 30 thousand Chisinau residents received material assistance from the city authorities.

Date: 13:31 12/02/2018

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