Speaker: "No money, no time for impeachment of the President"

Speaker: "No money, no time for impeachment of the President"
The Cabinet of Ministers, having applied to the Constitutional Court for explanations regarding the partial transfer of the powers of the President to the speaker of the parliament or the prime minister, noted that impeachment to the President would not be announced in connection with the strong support of the Head of State by the people and the faction of the PSRM in the parliament.

At the same time, the chairman of the Moldovan parliament, Democrat Andrian Candu gave other explanations on this issue. The speaker noted that the resignation of the President would not be initiated due to the lack of money and time.

In turn, the honorary chairman of the Democratic Party, Dmitry Dyakov, tried to justify himself on the program "The Case of Principle" on our channel, saying that the PDM had no intention of initiating impeachment to the President and any statements on this issue were made only for the purpose of appointment to the post of Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza, whom President Igor Dodon "rejected".

However, Igor Dodon during a briefing on the decision of the Constitutional Court, said that the Democratic Party with the help of the judges of the Constitutional Court usurped the state power and according to the Constitution, if the parliament believes that the President does not fulfill his duties, the legislature should initiate an impeachment procedure.

The actions of the democrats, according to the Head of State, speak only about one thing: authorities are afraid of impeachment, as it will meet face to face with the people it has been deceiving recent years and who expresses active support of the President.

Igor Dodon is sure that the only salvation from the current situation will be the victory of the Party of Socialists in the forthcoming parliamentary elections of 2018 and transition to the presidential form of government.

Date: 13:50 20/10/2017

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