Municipal adviser Odintsov: "The transport problem in the capital can be solved soon"

Municipal adviser Odintsov: "The transport problem in the capital can be solved soon"
The transport problem in the capital must be resolved qualitatively and in the shortest possible time. Representatives of the Socialist faction in the Municipal Council of Chisinau have already developed a strategy for solving the transport collapse. It states that in Chisinau separate lines should be allocated for the movement of public transport. This will allow citizens to refuse on working days from traveling to work on private cars and will ensure a quick and comfortable delivery to any part of the city. This opinion was expressed by the municipal councilor from the Socialist fraction Alexander Odintsov on the air of the program "Urban Environment".

"We have a huge number of people in our city who work without leaving the office. They come to work and in the evening leave. You do not need to move during the day. Accordingly, if public transport is fast, convenient, comfortable at any time of year, you will move from point "A" to point "B" quickly and efficiently, you will have the motivation not to use your personal transport," said adviser Alexander Odintsov.

"With separate public lines, we encourage drivers to leave the car, they can use cars on weekends to go out of town or make some purchases. If the passenger traffic grows the budget of Electric Transport and Bus Department grows as well, accordingly, we will be able to purchase better buses and trolleybuses, profit grows and we can develop these networks and switch to more environmentally friendly transport," the adviser from the PSRM said.

Alexander Odintsov noted that all the world's capitals already transferred buses to eco-friendly fuels, and trolleybuses are increasingly using batteries. As a result of these innovations, we will not have the need to increase the fare on public transport, at the same time to increase the budget of the municipal enterprises due to the grown passenger traffic and lower costs, and the city will begin to live a normal life without traffic jams.

The public transport strategy development program has existed since 2014. It was created on the basis of research by a German company and was to be implemented in Chisinau since 2014. However, the city authorities preferred not to introduce it, but a project to build city parking lots in conjunction with the Austro-Hungarian company, through which liberals could personally enrich themselves.

At the same time, on the air of the program Alexander Odintsov announced his intention to convene an automobile flash mob with the participation of more than 100 cars and dozens of bicyclists in order to graphically show how should look like the traffic on the roads of the city, which the liberal team headed by Dorin Chirtoaca led to extremely decadent and chaotic state.

"When a person has cancer, and a cancerous tumor seizes a part of the body, the only salvation is removal of this cancerous tumor. The same is with the Liberal Party," the adviser said.

Let's remind, the referendum on the resignation of the capital's mayor Dorin Chirtoaca is scheduled for November 19.

Date: 15:59 19/10/2017

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